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Birthday Party Entertainment in the Salt Lake City Area

If you are planning a birthday party for a friend or family member of any age, your most important priority is creating a fun and memorable experience for your loved one. Instead of digging out your board game collection, hire GetPixel for unique birthday party entertainment that is sure to create lasting memories for everyone attending your event.

Fun for Everyone

GetPixel is based in the Salt Lake City area and offers two main services, either of which can make any birthday party event a big hit: Our state-of-the-art Game Trailer and our mobile Virtual Reality equipment.

Game Trailer

Our Game Trailer offers a unique, enhanced gaming experience that you can enjoy surrounded by your family and friends. Our double-wide, specially outfitted trailer includes:

  • Six huge high-definition TV screens
  • Rumble Sound seating for up to 28 players
  • A variety of different gaming systems
  • Hundreds of different games

Whether your guests are experienced gamers or simply enjoy having fun with technology, there is something for everyone in the Game Trailer.

Virtual Reality Experience

With the push of a button, you can be two inches tall, standing on the ocean floor, fighting robots, or interacting with dinosaurs. And with our mobile VR equipment, any indoor space can be transformed into a stage for your adventures.

With one station or multiple stations, your guests will have equal fun participating in and observing their friends and family members interacting with our state-of-the-art virtual experience.

No Set Up, No Hassle

When GamePixel comes to your event, there is a minimum of set up required. We bring our own generator, so no equipment is required from you. Inclement weather doesn’t matter; our Game Trailer comes equipped for both heat and cold. All of our activities are safe, insured, and low-risk activities that everyone can be involved in.

If you live in Salt Lake or Utah County and you’re interested in having GetPixel provide the fun at any birthday party events in your future, give us a call at 855-426-3668 or book our services through our website.

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